Self-Directed Tour

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Visitors to the area may not know much about the Modoc War — a battle that happened in Southern Oregon in the 1870s that is called one of the costliest in the United States in terms of lives lost and dollars spent per number of people on the battlefield.

Your self-directed tour begins at the Klamath County Museum. Download the free Modoc War audio tour on your mobile device, start at the Klamath County Museum and press play to hear how 55 members of the Modoc tribe managed to hold off nearly 20 times as many American soldiers during the deadly war, between 1872 and 1873. The GPS-enabled tour is beautifully narrated by Cheewa James, a Modoc tribe member and author of “Modoc: The Tribe that Wouldn’t Die” and other books.

For more details on the self-directed tour see this article.