Thursday, February 14

W1 Photographing Birds of Prey – Eagles, Falcons and Hawks [New]

10:00 – 11:30 am, OIT College Union Mt. McLouglin room
From perched to flight, photographing birds of prey is one of the more challenging pursuits in bird photography. Learn strategies for setting up your camera and lens with Tim Boyer, and how to practice birds-in-flight photography so you’re ready to photograph some of the fastest avian fliers, and how to locate and approach birds of prey. This presentation on photographing birds of prey will include some more intermediate to advanced bird photography tips on how to set up the camera for faster autofocus and techniques to obtain focus in low light situations.

Note to registrants: Bring your camera; you might want to make some changes in your camera settings!

Fee: $25

W2 Stop Documenting: Start Creating Beautiful Wildlife Images [New]

1:30-3:00 pm, OIT College Union Mt. McLouglin room
How can we think differently about nature and wildlife photography? How can we be innovative at a time when wildlife photography has virtually exploded to a point where nearly every subject seems over-photographed? Via an engaging, interactive and dynamic session, Lisa Langell will share her inspirational thoughts, guidance, and techniques regarding the purpose, composition, and inspiration behind both how and why we photograph nature –and how we can do so in more creative, purposeful, artistic, and fulfilling ways.

Fee: $25 (for beginning to advanced photographers)

W3  Writing with Light and Words [New]

 3:30-5:00 pm, OIT College Union Mt. McLouglin room
This interactive workshop with Lisa Langell is all about fine-tuning your photos with inspirational words, titles, light, and polish. You’ll learn ways to develop the complete inspirational package that showcases your style, emphasizes your message. has flair, and stands out uniquely above other images.This session will even help expand the minds and expressive artistry of not just photographers, but those who paint, draw, and more.

Fee: $25 (for any level)

Friday, February 15

W4 What Feather is That? [New]

10:00 am – Noon, OIT College Union Mt. Bailey room
This interactive workshop will introduce participants to the science of feather identification.  Dr. Pepper Trail is the nation’s foremost expert in feather identification.  He is the creator of The Feather Atlas of North American Birds, (  He will begin by discussing the structure and function of feathers – one of the masterpieces of evolution – and then describe the process he follows to identify feathers in his investigations of wildlife crime. Participants will then examine feathers and feather artifacts from the Laboratory collection, and practice feather identification techniques.

Fee: $20

W5 Bird Photography for Birders [New]

1:00 – 2:30 pm, OIT College Union Mt. Thielsen room
Whether you have a DSLR, a bridge camera or you digiscope there are certain fundamentals of bird photography that are important no matter what kind of equipment you use. This workshop is all about how to improve, or start bird photography no matter what camera you have. Tim Boyer will share the fundamentals of bird photography through the elements necessary to make a beautiful image. All the variables involved to get that great photo are covered in this presentation. Additionally,  telling a story in an image and bird photography ethics are are discussed.

Fee: $25

W6 The Rapture of Raptors: A Beginner’s Guide to Raptor ID

1:00 – 3:00 pm, OIT College Union Sunset room
Join raptor specialist Pamela Llewellyn for a workshop where she guides you through basic identification and natural history of the diurnal birds of prey seen in the Klamath Basin and surrounding area.   The classroom presentation will help you sharpen your raptor ID skills, which will be put to the test on the companion F20 Saturday field trip.  Recommended for beginning birders.

Fee: $60 includes W6 workshop and F20

W7 Intermediate/Advanced Raptor ID Workshop

2:00 – 5:00 pm, OIT College Union Mt. Bailey room
This always-popular workshop returns for 2019! Dick Ashford will provide a straightforward introduction to the identification of our local hawks, eagles, and falcons. The classroom presentation will help you sharpen your raptor ID skills. These skills will be put to the test on either the companion Saturday trip, or the companion Sunday trip (please choose one). Recommended for intermediate or advanced birders.

Fee: $60 includes W7 workshop and the Saturday F23 or Sunday F30 field trip and lunch

W8 Let There Be Light! [New]

3:30 – 5:00 pm, OIT College Union Mt. McLoughlin room
Seeing and identifying the seven primary types of natural light is quintessential to mastering wildlife and nature photography. Learn about various types of light and the strategies for finding that light, shooting it wisely, and making ever-changing lighting conditions work for your outdoor photography. Lisa Langell will instruct and use in-class setups, you will discover and experiment with different types and qualities of light, including front light, side light, back light, rim light, silhouettes and even using reflectors, scrims, diffusers and more.

Fee: $25 (for beginner to intermediate photographers)

W9 Sip and Paint at the Favell Museum

4:00 – 6:30 pm, Meet at the Favell Museum, 125 West Main St, Klamath Falls
Something wonderful occurs when a group of people get together and feel free to have fun with paint. Add a glass of wine and it is positively festive. We often, as adults, forget that it is important to be creative, that it is proven to be beneficial to our mind, our spirit and our health. Come join Julie Thomson from Wild Pigments Studio at the Favell Museum for this opportunity to savor appetizers and wine while painting your own version of a Varied Thrush. No painting experience necessary!

Note to registrants: All supplies are provided. Must be 21 or older to participate. It is suggested that the attendees where clothes they don’t mind a bit of paint on, though everyone is given an apron to wear. Most classes are acrylic paintings on canvas. The final masterpiece is done at the end of class.

Fee: $40

Saturday, February 16

W10 Nature Photography & Negative Space: The Art of Composition Nature Photography Re-imagined [New]

9:00 – 10:30 am,  OIT College Union Mt. McLoughlin room
Elevating your photography to new levels requires expanding your techniques. Whether or not you have “long lenses,” Lisa Langell will inspire you to create art with your bird photography and expand your senses to think past just the “tight, close-up shots!” Focusing on key elements of composition – with an emphasis on using positive and negative space, we will create emotionally evocative images that leave lasting impressions with your audience.

Fee: $25 (for beginning to advanced photographers)