Thursday, February 14

P1  Beginning Raptor ID

1:00 – 2:30 pm, OIT College Union Mt. Bailey/Thielsen room
 Join raptor specialist Pamela Llewellyn for a presentation on basic identification and natural history of the diurnal birds of prey seen in the Klamath Basin and surrounding area. Recommended for beginning birders.  No field component included.

FREE but registration required.

P2 Ferruginous Hawks [New]

4:00 – 500 pm, OIT College Union Mt. Bailey/Thielsen room
Love ferruginous hawks? Matt Stuber will discuss the basic life history of these hawks and the ongoing research and monitoring partnership in the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area.  His talk will include initial results from a breeding habitat suitability study, a study of blood lead levels in nestlings, and preliminary data from a movement and habitat/use project.

FREE but registration required.

Friday, February 15

P3 Tracking the Rough-Legged Hawk in Western North America [New]

1:30 – 3:00 pm, OIT College Union Mt. McLoughlin room
During this presentation Jeff Smith, Jeff Kidd, and Scott Thomas will discuss the general biology, ecology, status, and conservation of Rough-legged Hawks, and portray their interannual movement ecology as revealed by a tracking study involving more than 100 hawks of all ages. They will discuss migration dynamics, range and route fidelity, the nature of summer and winter ranges, and the overall highly dynamic nature of this species’ range use and movement ecology in western North America.

Fee: $5

P4 An Owl’s Journey [New]

3:30 – 5:00 pm, OIT Martha Ann Dow Center auditorium
Who would ever expect to see a snowy owl at Parkersburg, WV’s Grand Central Mall? An immature male snowy owl caused a stir amongst birdwatchers and the public alike when it appeared for a week in December 2017. Julie Zickefoose relates the moving story of his star-crossed stay, observing both the owl and his instant fans. Julie herself was drawn into a web of connectivity that protected and ultimately rescued this precious visitor from the Arctic.  If ever there were a feel-good wildlife story, this is it. Expect to learn painlessly about snowy owl biology and the art of wildlife rehabilitation, carried along on Zickefoose’s lively narrative and vivid images.

Fee: $5

Saturday, February 16

P5 Divers or Dabblers? Understanding Waterfowl Adaptations

12:30 – 2:00 pm, OIT College Union Mt. Bailey/Thielsen room
Waterfowl are not only one of the most attractive groups of birds, but they are also one of the most diverse. Unique adaptations allow them to take advantage of a wide range of habitats and understanding these adaptations will increase your bird watching or wildlife photography experience.  Join refuge biologist John Vradenburg for this  waterfowl ecology talk.

FREE but registration required

P6 Through the Lens: Nurturing a Golden Eaglet [New]

2:30-3:30 pm, OIT Martha Ann Dow Center auditorium
Abbott Schindler has been photographing a wide range of natural subjects for many years. Over the last decade he’s worked to get “close and personal” to birds. Last year he had a unique opportunity to observe and photograph a Golden eaglet shortly after hatching until it fledged. Join him to watch his slideshow of the eaglet’s physical and behavioral development and interactions with its majestic parents. During the presentation Abbott will contrast the Golden eaglet’s development and interactions with those of Bald eaglets he’s watched over the years.

FREE but registration required

P7 Best Oregon Bird Trips [New]

4:00 – 5:00 pm, OIT College Union Mt. Bailey/Thielsen room
Take a slide show tour of the state’s best getaways, from the Oregon Coast and Crater Lake to the high desert at Steens Mountain. Along the way, Oregon author William L. Sullivan offers tips not only on birding, but also on Oregon’s history, geology, and adventure.

 FREE but registration required