Code of Birding Ethics

Code of Birding Ethics2017-05-15T05:13:35+00:00

During your visit to the festival, please practice common courtesy in contacts with other people. Your exemplary behavior will generate goodwill with birders and non-birders alike. Our national refuges, county, and private landowners are hosts to your birding and photography activities. Please respect their roads with your safe driving and be very careful when pulling off to view or photograph birds.

The most important aspect of wildlife viewing or wildlife photography is not getting the best looks or photos but to consider the well-being of the wildlife itself. Respecting property rights is also important to consider. Please be good ambassadors of our Festival by not trespassing onto private property.

Our Festival promotes the American Birding Association (ABA) Birding Ethics. Their mission is to inspire all people to enjoy and protect wild birds. Below are their guidelines for your review.