2017 Winter Wings Festival

February 16-19, 2017

Full program online in mid-Nov. Registration opens Dec. 10th.

Announcing the 2017 Keynoters

√ Paul Bannick, Thursday, Feb. 16th

√ Chas Glatzer, Friday, Feb. 17th

√ Scott Weidensaul, Saturday, Feb. 18th

Bannick_Speaker_393On Thursday, Paul Bannick of Seattle kicks off our keynote series with “Owl”. This award-winning photographer uses his intimate yet dramatic images to illustrate four different nesting owl species—Northern Pygmy, Burrowing, Great Gray, and Snowy—throughout the course of the year. A past viewer says: “Paul brings passion and expertise to everything he does”.


Friday night features Chas Glatzer of North Carolina. Chas is a Canon CSG_BioImage2016Explorer of Light, a prestigious group comprised of the most influential photographers and cinematographers in the world, each a master of their creative specialty. His dynamic and inspirational teaching have also made him one of the most sought after educators and speakers in his field.



Making his secondScott Weidensaul (©Chris DeSorbo) Winter Wings appearance is author and researcher Scott Weidensaul of Pennsylvania.   Scott will share the story of Project SNOWstorm — how a huge, collaborative research effort focused on snowy owls came together in a few frantic weeks to learn more about these mysterious Arctic hunters. He is one our most popular keynoters and will be center stage on Saturday February 18th.


Announcing the 2017 Family Performer

√ The Oregon Birdman

karl-with-zeus-and-scarlet-mallJoin zoologist, animal behaviorist, and wildlife educator Karl Anderson (The Oregon Birdman)  for a one hour free family performance focusing on parrot biology, behavior, and conservation with 15 live birds including macaws.




Birding Adventures TV Show Released

The first ever television show about the Winter Wings Festival and birds of the Klamath Basin is now on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAPyOmRrJ9Y

The show was created by James Currie, host of the nationally syndicated Nikon’s Birding Adventures, during his visit to the Klamath Basin in mid-February. Local birders Gerry Hill, Kevin Spencer, Dave Hewitt, and Harry Fuller (McMinnville) appear on the show.



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